Our Partners

Our Partners

Medway Neurological Network works with the following partners to deliver its services and events:

Canterbury Cantata Trust: In Association to deliver Medway Skylarks.

Medway Adult Education (MAE): In association to deliver Medway Neuro-Arts Festival 2019 + Access Medway + genrously provides venues for meetings.

Medway School of Pharmacy:  In association to deliver Medway Neuro-Fair information event in 2018.

Nucleus Arts: In association to help deliver Neuro-Arts Festival 2019.

Primary Care & Community Neurology Society (P-CNS): In association to help deliver Neuro-hubs + extend concept of Neuro-cafes.

Rochester Riverside (Countryside Properties): In association to help fund delivery of Medway Neuro-Arts Festival 2019

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI): In association with RBLI volunteer Hannah Skerritt promotes Social Prescribing in Medway.