On-Going Campaigns

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1.  Medway Neurological Hub

➢ A one-stop centre for all with neurological conditions, to include: Neurologists/ GPs/ Nurses, neuro-trained for assessment/ referral/ signposting 
 ➢ Treatments, e.g. neuro-physiotherapy, speech therapy, counselling, integrated personal care plan services, dietary advice etc. 
 ➢ Therapies, e.g. Pilates, Exercise, Singing, possibly hydro-therapy 
 ➢ Neurological charities to provide information & support 
 ➢ Could be incorporated into Medway Model.  

A summary of the Medway Neurological Network (MNN) Neuro-Hub proposal can be viewed HERE.

This proposal chimes with the MCCG policy of using hubs in the Medway Model and also chimes with the need to reduce out-patient care at Medway Maritime Hospital in order to free-up parking for the new Urgent Care Centre.

The Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (MCCG), has included this proposal for a Medway Neurological Hub in the specification for the current re-commisioning of Medway Adult Community Health Services.  Medway Neurological Network would be pleased to engage with any and all contractors that are in the process of bidding for this contract.
1.  Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)

MNN is campaigning that the criteria for this benefit be changed so that those with a fluctuating (neurological) condition and/ or mental health issue would qualify for PIP.  THe MNN is also campaigning so that those diagnosed with a neurological condition that is progressive and/ or a condition for which there is no cure, should not have to endure regular PIP assessments.

There has been a few minor changes this quarter, including the introduction of 10-Year PIP Reviews.  Award lengths can now be up to 10 years, with a 'light-touch' review at the 10 year point, which hopefully will NOT involve face-to-face assessment.

Action 1:  MNN is campaigning with Parkinson's UK and the other major charities, such as the MS Society, to be involved in any consultations on what a 'light-touch' review may look like.  We would also like Medway's x3 MPs to make representations to HMG on this as well.

Also, MNN has been informed that some DWP decision makers are not applying the new guidance consistently, i.e. if someone with a neurological condition receives an enhanced PIP award but are not awarded a 10 year period and if they challenged this decision via a mandatory reconsideration request there remains the possibility that a decision could be made to downgrade the award. The Medway MS Group has reported that the PIP process went well. However, another member of the MS Group reported a change of circumstance only to have ALL of their previous PIP award revoked - they are currently appealing this decision. 

Action 2: MNN is campaigning in support of a number of charities (inc Parkinson's UK, the MS Society & MNDa) for the DWP to take a consistent approach to the award of PIP and asks Medway's x3 MPs to encourage the DWP to take a consistent approach to all claiments. 

2. Special Rules Fast Track:

Although not only in the context of PIP, the Motor Neurone Disease Association is campaigning for a change in the law so that everyone with a terminal illness can access benefits (including PIP) via the Special Rules fast track process. All people with MND should be able to access benefits quickly using the Special Rules for Terminal Illness (SRTI). MNDa are campaigning with Marie Curie to change the law. People living with a terminal illness such as MND should be able to claim benefits without having to fill in a long form, attend a face-to-face assessment, or wait weeks for their benefits to arrive. The SRTI process is the fast-track process for claiming benefits, meaning people do not have to go through a long and stressful assessment process. However, the SRTI requires a 'reasonable expectation of death within six months', which excludes many people with an unpredictable terminal illness like MND. MNDa would like to see the Government change the law, as Scotland has recently done, to move away from the 6 months definition towards a decision made by a clinician. Will you help us #Scrap6Months? Read more on SRTI: Briefing-on-SRTI-updated-September-2019.pdf

Action 3:  MNN supports the MNDa campaign and encourages Medway's x3 MPs to also support it.

3.  Prescription Charges: 

The MNN supports the Prescription Charges Coalition campaign to end prescription charges for those with long-term conditions; England is now the only part of the United Kingdom that charges for prescriptions. There are a range of exemptions (e.g. relating to age, pregnancy and income), but for many Working Age people a medical exemption certificate is required for free prescriptions; Medical exemption certificates are only available for a very limited range of conditions, based on a list that was produced in 1968 and is largely unchanged; A prescription pre-payment certificate can reduce the cost of prescription charges if you need multiple medications. However, this is still a significant amount (£29.10 for three months or £104 for one year) on top of other costs that come with having a long-term condition. Pre-payment certificates are also not an ideal solution for people living with conditions that fluctuate or go into remission. 

Latest: In June 2018 campaigners from Asthma UK, Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Motor Neurone Disease Association, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and Parkinson’s UK, handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street. The petition was signed by almost 23,000 supporters, the petition called on the HMG to scrap prescription charges for people with long-term conditions. In July The Prescription Charges Coalition heard back from the HMG: The Health Minister, Lord O’Shaughnessy, said in his letter ‘The Government has no plans for a review of the prescription charging system in England. As you know, almost 90 per cent of prescription items are free on the NHS in England, and a broad range of prescription exemptions are in place’. 

Action 4: MNN, is in support of the Prescription Charges Coalition nationally, and is campaigning foreveryone with a long-term condition to be exempt from Prescription Charges. The MNN asks Medway's x3 MPs to support the Prescription Charges Coalition.

4.  Passport for Leisure: 

Medway Council opperates a scheme which allowes discounted access to all Medway Council leisure centres at specific times. However, it has been pointed out that people with fluctuating neurological conditions may not be able, due to thier heath, use the leisure centres at the times stated by the Council - we are campaiging for un-restricted by time access. 

Update: The MNN has asked Tracey Crouch MP, as the Chair of the Medway Physical Disabilities Partnership Board (PDPB), both in a letter and by MNN's representative on the PDPB, to intervene on MNN's behalf as despite numerous requests over the last few years Medway Council's position remains the same: It has never been intended that Passport to Leisure gives access to the sport centres at all times, it is designed to provide additional help to those customers who qualify for the scheme. 

Action 5: As Medway Council's view has not chaged since 2015, the MNN have written to all of Medway Cllrs asking them to support MNN's position.

5.  Bus Passes 1:  SUCCESS: Disabled and Senior Bus Passes can NOW (as from 19 March 2020) be used before 9am in Medway. The passes will be able to be used on services provided by Arriva, Nu-Venture and ASD Coaches before 9am, click HERE for details. Medway Neurological Network has been campaigning strongly for this change for a number of years and we need to thank Phil Bungay for working tirelessly to help achieve this outcome.

Previously, Medway Council opperated locally a national scheme to provide those eligible with a Disabled Bus Pass. However, the same rules applied with the use of the pass as a pass issued in respect of age. The main concern was that a bus pass issued to a Working Aged disabled person cannot be used before 09:30! We have drawn the Council's attention to the fact that London Transport does allow unrestricted use of their disabled bus pass and have repeatedly asked Medway Council to follow suit.

6.  Bus Passes for Young Carers: 

The MNN is campaigning for Medway Council to adopt a policy that would allow residents in Medway Council area who have children registered as Young Carers to receive FREE bus passes - this policy is currently used by Kent County Council.  MNN has written to Kelly Tolhurst MP, who has contacted Medway Council who have responded as follows: 

"I have looked into what Kent provides Young Carers and they essentially give them the Young Persons Travel Pass for FREE.  ...Our supported bus budget and concessionary bus budget is already facing budget pressure, and it is extremely unlikely that a scheme similar to the Kent option would come into Medway without significant extra funding."

Wheelchair Service Campaign to Improve Service

Breaking News:  The Joint Wheelchair User group has issued a response statement to the Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee report, and this can be viewed in full HERE. Following a meeting of all stakeholders on 17 August 2018 the statement includes the following:

The position of the Joint Wheelchair User Group prior to this meeting was to lobby for the complete withdrawal of funding for the Wheelchair Service contract from Millbrook Healthcare. We are pleased to report after a mutually respectful, open and productive meeting that position has now changed. Our priority has always been to see an improvement in service delivery to users, not necessarily to see the withdrawal of funding to any particular contract. A range of measures were put forward by the CCGs and Millbrook that would, if fulfilled, go a long way towards seeing a significant improvement in the delivery of services.

The campaign had led to a review of the Kent & Medway Wheelchair Service (provided by Millbrook Healthcare) by the Medway Council Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee.  This review is now published in the public domain and can be viewed in full HERE.

The review finds evidence that the wheelchair service is unsatisfactory and action is urgently needed to improve the service.  However, the HOSC has decided against terminating the existing contract with Millbrook Healthcare, citing that this could only lead to a worse service over the next 12 months.  Instead it has decided to set-up a Service User Improvement Group.

The Joint Wheelchair User Group comprises: Kent Physical Disability Forum, Freedom for Wheels, the Centre for Independent Living, Kent (CiLK), and the Kent Wheelchair User Group, along with members of the Medway Physical Disability Partnership Board and led by Prof. Mike Oliver.

Medway Neurological Network fully supports this campaign.