Our Service Providers

Medway Neurological Network has engaged with the following organisations that have a role in the provision of health and social care in Medway:

Centre for Independent Living in Kent*

Healthwatch, Medway*

Involving Medway/ Red Zebra

Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group
Community Bulletins: please click to see Issue 1 April or here for Issue 2 May. Issue 3, dated 14 May, can be seen by clicking HERE.  
To subscribe to these Bulletins please email: kmccg.engagekm@nhs.net.

Medway Community Health Services (MCH) Adult Rehabiltation

Medway Council: Disability Services - Medway Physical Disabilities Board; Health & Adult Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee*

Medway NHS Foundation Trust* - Medway Maritime Hospital.  See the Summer 2018 MFT magazine News@Medway

Medway Voluntary Action*
Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health Network  - provided by Involving Medway & Medway Voluntary Action 
Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Leaders Network 

Canterbury Cantata Trust*

Carers First, Medway, see here for monthly dementia Carer's Group

* These organisation have a permanent seat on the Medway Neurological Network Steering Group

Useful Links:

1.  Brain & Spine Foundation:

 Is the only UK-wide charity providing information and support for every one of the over 470 neurological disorders which affect 1 in 6 people in the UK. Its expert services are there for people at every stage, from first symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and in the long term. Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex and poorly understood by those affected and their families. Many people wait for a long time for diagnosis while living with on-going symptoms and the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds. The Brain & Spine Foundation exists to provide information, answer questions, reduce anxiety, and to inform choices. 

To find out more, please click the image to the right>>>>

Medway Neurological Network is engaging with the Brain & Spine Foundation to further develop the concept of neuro-cafes.

2.  Primary Care & Community Neurology Society

Is a growing organisation of likeminded healthcare professionals, and partnering organisations including companies and charities who all share a desire to drive up the standard of services to improve neurology care across primary care and the wider neurology community.  P-CNS has become the leading voice for supporting the connecting up of neurology care between Primary Care and the wider neurology community. The P-CNS’s vision is for sustainable provision of consistent and high quality neurological care and education services across primary care, connecting primary care to neurology services, based in the community. 

To find out more about P-CNS please click the image to the right >>>>>

Medwany Neurological Network is emgaging with P-CNS to help develop the Medway Neuro-hub concept and perhaps utilise it elsewhere in the country.
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