Medway Neuro-Arts Festival 2019

MNN, in partnership with Medway Council Adult Education (MAE) and Nucleus Arts, is planning to bring to Medway a Neuro Arts Festival in 2019.  This will aim to highlight the therapeutic benefts of Arts for those with neurological conditions - an example of which is on display at the Gillingham Will Adams Festival each September.  Another feature of the planned Neuro-Arts festival is that it will provide neurological information and signpost participants to relevant local support. We are currently in the process of identifying potential partners that are willing to stage events within the festival. 

The main venues are likely to be the MAE buildings in Rochester & Gillingham, and at the Nucleus Arts Centres.  Arts being considered include: Introduction to Japanese pottery; Tai Chi; Singing (such as the Medway Skylarks); Ballroom dancing/ Dancing (Edna’s Journey); Theatre; Yoga; Mindfulness; Calligraphy; Story telling/ Creative writing; Genealogy/ family history; Public speaking. 

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