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Next SKYLARKS Session: Saturday 29 September 2018

Next Performance: Medway Clinical Commisioning Group AGM, Wednesday 26 September, Priestfield Stadium, 6.20pm.  Please arrive 5.45pm for warm-up.

MNN has promoted the formation of this singing and movement group, in association with Professor Grenville Hancox of the Canterbury Cantata Trust and Trish Vella-Burrows of the Sidney De Hann Centre for Arts & Health. This therapeutic activity has been proven to be effective for those with Parkinson's Disease and the research has now been widened to include ALL other neurological conditions. Medway Skylarks meet Saturday mornings, from 10.30am to noon, at the St Mary's Island Community Centre, Island Way West, Chatham, Kent ME4 3EP.

YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO JOIN US.  Either just turn up or drop us an email for more information:

Grenville Hancox, Honorary Professor of Music and Well being at the University of Kent/ Canterbury Cantata Trust, has been closely involved with developing the Skylarks movement and sees this new group as leading the way for other developments nationally.  Prof. Hancox said, "Medway Skylarks, supported by the Medway Neurological Network, will show how singing can help and compliment traditional medical approaches to combating neurological problems and is part of a campaign to secure Singing on Prescription and change our world!”

Medway Skylarks has also been invited to give a number of local performances, which they are very willing to do to help promote this therapy. 

Examples of recent performances are highlighted below including: Parkinson's UK Awareness Event, Hempstead Valley on 11 April 20128;  Medway Neurological Fair on 24 March 2018; and Medway Youth Trust Charity Fete at Gillingham Park on 15 August 2017.

If you click on the 2nd row of pictures below you can watch videos of Medway Skylarks singing at the Medway Neurological Fair on 24 March 2018 and below that, the Medway Youth Trust Charity Fete on 15 August 2017.  Many thanks to Trevor Nagler for filming and editing the Neuro-Fair videos.

Medway Skylarks Perform at wHoo Cares 1940's Afternoon Tea Party - a 2018 Volunteer Recognition Event, 7 September 2018

Although short on numbers, the gallant few Skylarks kept right on to the end of the road with some wartime classics. Choir leader Trish Vella-Burrows had our audience of wHoo Cares volunteers and local residents joining in whilst they enjoyed a grand tea; no wartime rations here!!! Many thanks indeed to Trish and our guitarist John Cornwall, without whom this show would not have been possible.

Pictures: Martin Chetwood

Grain Carnival & Fete, Saturday 21 July 2018

MNN had a float in the Grain Carnival promoting the Hoo Neuro-Cafes and Medway Skylarks performed a song, written especially for this event.  See our final practice of the 'Neuro-Cafe' song, by clicking the picture to the right.

To see a video of the Skylarks singing at the fete, please go to the Neuro-cafes page.  Many thanks to John Cornwall (guitar) & Trish Vella-Burrows (choir leader) for making this possible.

Medway Skylarks

Singing their socks off for 
World Parkinson's Day
11 April 2018.

Sainsbury's, Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre  ^ >>>>>>>>

John Cornwall on Guitar

Many thanks to Graham Swan for the first 3 photos

Trish Vella-Burrows leads the choir

Judith, Olive, Doreen & Maggi lead from the front

Or for a more arty presentation, see the animated slideshow.

Medway Neuro-Fair   2018 videos    >>>>>>

Hey, Mr Miller

John Kanaka

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Many thanks to Nik Vella-Burrows, Choir-master & Guitarist & Trish


Secret chord?  For Amazing Grace, click Here

Medway Skylarks at the Medway Youth Trust Charity Fete on 15 August 2017

Nik (Guitar) & Trish Vella-Burrows lead this merry band of minstrels performing at this event held in Gillingham Park.

Please click image to the right to see the video  >>>>>>>>>>>
BREAKING NEWS: Prof. Grenville Hancox has participated in the 'Sing to beat Parkinson's Asia Pacific Study Symposiun, 1-3 February 2018' held in Australia.  The amazing research findings have been reported by ABC News - Australia: Parkinson's disease improves with singing, study finds.  See this report, including a video, here.

Medway Skylarks are part of a study to demonstrate that Sing to the Beat can also help improve the symptoms of other neurological conditions, as well as Parkinson's Disease.

Medway Skylarks Session

Isobella from the University of Kent, Media Studies, kindly filmed a recent Skylarks Saturday morning class, and this video gives a good example of the multi-tasking singing and movement that is so beneficial - click image to the right to see the video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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