Medway Neurological Hub

Medway Neurological Network is campaigning for a Medway Neurological Hub, as outlined below:

 ➢ A one-stop centre for all with neurological conditions, to include: Neurologists/ GPs/ Neuro-Nurses trained for assessment/ referral/ signposting 

 ➢ Treatments, e.g. neuro-physiotherapy, speech therapy, counselling, integrated personal care plan services, dietary advice etc. 

 ➢ Therapies, e.g. Pilates, Exercise, Singing, possibly hydro-therapy 

 ➢ Neurological charities to provide information & support 

 ➢ Could be incorporated into Medway Model. 

 A summary of the Medway Neurological Network (MNN) Neuro-Hub proposal can be viewed HERE

This proposal chimes with the MCCG policy of using hubs in the Medway Model and also chimes with the need to reduce out-patient care at Medway Maritime Hospital in order to free-up parking for the new Urgent Care Centre. 

The Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (MCCG), has included this proposal for a Medway Neurological Hub in the specification for the current re-commisioning of Medway Adult Community Health Services. Medway Neurological Network would be pleased to engage with any and all contractors that are in the process of bidding for this contract.
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